sHellcat: A Roller Derby Inspired Colorway

sHellcat: A Roller Derby Inspired Colorway


sHellcat: Abundance 464 yard 100 gram skein 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering 4ply yarn

Raven: Abundance Mini Skein 90 yards

sHellcat is the first in a series of Roller Derby inspired sock sets. It is accompanied by a mini skin in the color Raven. I wanted to kick off this series by first paying tribute to the WFTDA Non Skating Officials (known as NSO’s for short) NSO’s are dedicated volunteers without which flat track roller derby as we know it would not be possible. I named this yarn after sHellcat an NSO that has sacrificed so much for the love of the sport. She has been known to officiate even when she is on vacation! Huge shout out to my other all time favorite NSO’s UnderRager and ShockClock.

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